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Internet Infrastructure Coalition

The internet has become very popular to all people across the world due to its convenience in carrying out the various transaction. Through the internet, trading has been made easier since you can buy and pay for goods online without much trouble. Another the benefit of the internet is bringing together people from all over the world through social media where they interact and communicate with each other. These services are provided by some stakeholders such as the data centers and others for hosting the services for clients. To better provide the services to all users the businesses need to be given freedom and a conducive environment by government bodies. The internet infrastructure coalition is a body concerned with ensuring that some rules are followed by all people involved in the internet.

This coalition addresses issues such as the privacy of users to ensure that personal information is kept private for the users. There are malicious people such as hackers who steal information from users and use this as an advantage to blackmail or ruin their reputation. The body also ensures that access to the internet is given to all users from all over the world without discrimination. It is important to keep the internet open for each and every one so as to avail its services fairly for a better society. Access to user data is regulated by the coalition to protect them from people and governments who would violate their rights.

Some situations may give the need for a government to request for access to information relating to specific users from the service providers. This process needs policies that dictate whether the authorities will be given access depending on certain factors. When a user does some unlawful things over the internet, the service providers are often held responsible for their actions. Service providers may find it inconvenient when held responsible and the coalition has suggested for the law to hold users responsible and not the service providers. The role of the internet is made known to those setting laws concerning the internet to ensure they make laws that do not interfere with the services provided.

Due to the fact that many businesses operate online using the internet, it is true to say it plays a role in the global economy. For digital trade, rules are given that users must follow to make it open and discourage those who would steal. The body requires that all transaction be made open to avoid theft and taking advantage of each other. Online transactions can be risky which call for all people involved to know about encryption and how it helps in preventing data from theft.

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