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Various Benefits of Owning RV Parks

Are you the kind of person who enjoys people and also love being outdoors. If you answered yes to it, an RV park is actually the best option for you.

RV parks are good investments and are able to give returns from 10 – 20% or more on your money. An RV park is in fact considered to be one of the high-yielding of all the real estate asset. If ever you have the goal to maximize the returns of your money, an RV park would be the best option to start.

Most RV parks are actually owned by small owners who does not have debt, which in fact has the ability in carrying the financing on the transaction. If the seller will carry the financing at low interest rates, it is able to compound the yield you could make on your money because of the leverage. As long as the loan’s interest rate is much lower compared to the cap rate of the deal, this would give you high returns. Even when the RV parks are sold at the same return level compared to other forms of real estate, they will still kill the competition because of seller carry.

It’s essential to remember that most seller carry don’t need any kind of credit review of a loan committee. If ever you have bad credit, you could in fact still get a seller carry loan. Many people do not do the kind of loan scrutiny and does not need any third party report like an appraisal. Most of the seller carry is actually non-recourse even if you are going to default the loan and property will be sold at a loss, they are going to note that the holder could not come after you for the deficiency.

Other Considerations

In case you own an RV park, this will be a good source in creating an estate where your family will be able to enjoy. Though a lot of people fritter on their savings for their retirement, RV park owners can spend every money which the park generates and it simply creates a new cash flow the next day. You are in fact creating an asset which will not only be your source of enjoyment, but one that could also provide for your family.

Successful RV parks actually can be worth millions. It is simply a multi-generational gift. It is also a way how you can create an estate for sweat equity and down payment.

Investment for an RV park is definitely worth it. This can provide you with both quality and financial benefits which can outweigh any form of real estate.

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