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Difference Between the Use of Hair Pomade and Hair Gel

One of the things that create the first impression on someone is the hair. Many individuals spend a lot of time in the mirror looking at their new hairstyle, at least six full days per year. Several hair products have been made by the beauty industry in order to help different hair types in growth and also styling. If you spend more time in the mirror looking at your hair then you need to know the right product to use for styling your hair between hair pomade and hair gel. The following are the differences between styling the hair with pomade and styling the hair with gel.

Several people wonder which is the best product, between gel and pomade to style the hair. It is not an easy task deciding between gel and pomade to use for styling the hair. A pomade can either be wax or water based. Pomade is good for shaping the hair and giving it more shine. Pomade will help in yielding a stiff and slick hairstyle. If you are looking for a stronger hold then you need to look for gel. Different types of gels provide different levels of firmness thus you need to choose the one that will be right for you.

One of the added advantage hair pomades has is that it can be used on most hair types. If your goal is to make a slick ban then you are good to go with a hair pomade or just take a little to make a messy look. You need to ensure you are choosing the right type of pomade to style your hair, for a slick look use a wax-based pomade while for a messy look you need a water-based pomade. Pomade does not get a crunchy feeling that gel sometimes provides.

Gel provides hold and will help you tame stubborn or unruly hair. Most of the hair gels are going o help you hold your hair together for at least 24 hours. You should go for hair gel if you want to achieve a more spiked and complicated hairstyle. To create a thicker hair if you have thin and soft hair then you can use hair gel. The thickness of the hair should determine the thickness of the gel to buy.

Use tips such as applying on damp toweled hair, use small portions, rub it on your fingertips, apply it from roots to tips and use a comb to distribute it across your entire head if you have chosen this hair product instead of hair gel.